Silk foam doesn't rub or scratch!

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Silkriller neo Facial Foam

This facial cleanser removes dirt from the skin and makes it beautiful...

Problems with facial cleansing foamProblems with facial cleansing foam

If you don't rub it, it won't come off...

When I wash my face, it tingles...

Maybe without even knowing it
It may be damaging your skin.

Silclier Neo Facial Foam

I would like to recommend this to those people.
Silkriller neo facial foam .

Promotes skin cycle for a brighter complexion

Promotes the skin cycle
One tone up

Silk is a safe material that is highly compatible with the skin, so much so that it is even used as surgical sutures.
Silk fibroin contained in silk is said to have the effect of accelerating the regeneration of skin cells, which can speed up the skin cycle and brighten the skin tone.

Moisturizes and cleanses the face

While moisturizing
Refreshing face wash

Silkriller uses 100% domestic silk, which is safe and managed domestically.
The composition of silk amino acids is stable, so they are easily absorbed into the skin and can be washed away while moisturizing the skin without removing more oil than necessary.

No synthetic surfactants that can damage the skin

Damage to the skin
No synthetic surfactants

Silkriller does not contain any additives such as synthetic surfactants, thickeners, texture improvers, or alcohol, so it is a facial cleanser that protects the skin's barrier function and is less likely to cause dryness or rough skin.
By using the dedicated foam pump, you can use it immediately without foaming.

Customer's voice

We have received positive feedback from our customers.

Mrs. N

Washing your face is the most important thing!

Since I was young, I have tried many different products in order to maintain a high level of beauty. After I discovered Silkriller, I learned that the most important thing is the basics of skin care, so I started using it starting with washing my face.
Not only does it not feel tight at all, but it also leaves your skin feeling moisturized after washing. I realized that washing is important and can make you look even more beautiful.

Mrs. K

A face wash is a must

At first, I didn't know how to use it and just kneaded it with my hands before washing my face. After watching the video, I was surprised at how different it was when I used a foaming net!
By applying a generous amount of foam without scrubbing, I felt like my skin felt even more moisturized.

Mrs. S

Why does it turn white just by washing it?
I don't even need foundation anymore!

I used to think that face wash was just for removing dirt, but with this face wash, I can feel my skin getting whiter after just one wash. With continued use, the necessary oils remain and my dry skin has improved. I never really liked putting sticky products on my face, so now I can go without foundation on my days off, just using silk powder.

Mrs. A

Refresh your whole body in the bathroom

In winter, my whole body gets especially dry. When I wash my face in the bath, I lather up a little more and use lots of foam to thoroughly wash my neck, décolleté, and whole body. The fluffy foam feels great, and when I get out of the bath, my whole body feels moisturized and I feel blissful. It's a little luxurious, but it's a gift to myself that's only available in winter.

Silk Master

From Aya Karahashi

A few things to pay attention to when washing your face are the temperature of the water and washing with foam without rubbing .

First of all, regarding temperature. When you wash, do you ever just let the shower temperature remain the same ?
It is said that bathing with water that is around 40 degrees Celsius can wash away the moisture that the skin needs, causing it to become tight and dry.
In addition, while cold water is thought to tighten pores, it can also leave dirt such as facial cleanser and sebum behind, and can be very irritating to the skin, leading to redness and poor circulation.
In addition, your pores will temporarily tighten immediately after washing your face, which can reduce the penetration rate of subsequent skin care products.
Generally speaking, the recommended temperature is lukewarm water (32℃ to 34℃) that feels slightly cold.

Also , "wash with foam without rubbing," because friction on the skin can lead to dryness.
Silk has the ability to absorb oil and dirt, so by using the "silk foam" that comes out of the foam pump as a cushion, you can reduce the burden on your skin by avoiding unnecessary rubbing, leading to soft, supple skin.

16 years of professional skin care
Used in a total of 500 stores

The Silkriller skin care series is
Until now, this product has been offered exclusively to professionals such as beauty salons and beauticians.
A single brand with no major changes in ingredients.
We have been spreading awareness of the benefits of silk for 16 years now.

I think this is proof that we have been able to continue because we have a sense of security and trust .

After washing your face in the morning,

The feeling on the skin is totally different!
Silclier Neo Facial Foam

It contains a high amount of silk fibroin, so it not only removes oil and dirt,
Over 80% of people report that their skin has become one tone whiter thanks to silk's prism effect and moisturizing power.
There are still not many facial cleansers that really have a beneficial effect.

Because it is a natural silk facial cleanser

Remove your makeup with a cleanser

Since it does not contain synthetic surfactants, unfortunately it may not be able to completely remove heavy makeup.

If your makeup is difficult to remove, we recommend using this product after cleansing.

This is a natural face wash, so remove your makeup with a cleanser.

Refill (special container included with first purchase only)

All ingredients

Water, glycerin, TEA-cocoyl glutamate, BG, sodium cocoamphoacetate, polysorbate 20, fibroin, sodium silicate, glyceryl caprylate, trehalose, phenoxyethanol, sodium cocoyl glutamate, ceteareth-60 myristyl glycol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, disodium EDTA

Internal capacity


How to use

Please make sure to transfer the product to a special container (pump former) that will create a foam before use. A special refill container (pump former ) is also sold separately.
● Take an appropriate amount (pump 2-3 times) of foam onto your hands, wet your face thoroughly with warm water, and gently wash while spreading it over your entire face. Gently wash areas of concern, then rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.

*If the pump nozzle of the dedicated container (pump former) becomes clogged with facial foam, wash the nozzle with water.
*If the facial foam runs out in the dedicated container and you need to add more, we recommend washing the container and drying it thoroughly in the shade until all the moisture has evaporated before using it again.

  • Please use with caution and check for any abnormalities on your skin.
  • To get the most out of the active ingredients, shake before use.
  • If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, loss of color (white spots, etc.) or darkening during use or after exposure to sunlight, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
  • Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swellings, or eczema.
  • Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, in direct sunlight, or out of reach of children.
  • Please note that product design, specifications, appearance, and price may change without notice.

Special refill container (special container given as a gift only for the first purchase of the main product)


H175mm 43Φ

Internal capacity




Silkriller Neo Facial Foam 100ml

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