Spray Silk Serum around the eyes

For firmer eyes

Increase your eye power!

Eye vivid Essence EX

Even if you apply your eye makeup beautifully and carefully...

Eye makeup problemsEye makeup problems

Eyelashes become thin and weak due to extensions etc.

My hair got cut with an eyelash curler and the lengths are all different...

The skin around the eyes becomes saggy and wrinkled...

Without realizing it
Your eyes may look weaker and less attractive.

Ivivid Essence EX

I would like to recommend this to those people.
This is Ivivid Essence EX .

Just spray it on in 3 seconds

Spray it on
Easy 3 seconds

Eye VIVID Essence EX is sprayed directly onto the eyelashes and around the eyes, allowing it to easily reach and penetrate the surface of the skin, such as the surface of the eyelashes and the hairline.
It's small enough to fit in your pouch, so you can easily use it on the go, even during busy mornings.
One push in the morning and at night will last for about a month.

Silk's penetrating power provides double care for your eyes and eyelashes

With the penetrating power of silk
Eyes & eyelashes
Double Care

Eye vivid Essence EX is a silk extract containing 100% amino acids, which are essential for eyelash growth.
Silk contains 18 of the same amino acids as humans, so its high penetration effect means you can expect to achieve firm, beautiful eyelashes and moisturized eyes.

No surfactants or other additives used for peace of mind

Surfactants, etc.
No use and no worries

Eye VIVID ESSENCE EX does not contain any preservatives , synthetic fragrances , synthetic coloring agents , alcohol , or synthetic surfactants.
In addition, since silk amino acids are made of the same amino acids found in the human body, you can use them safely even while wearing contact lenses or extensions.

Customer's voice

We have received positive feedback from our customers.

Mrs. H

Gives your eyelashes body!!

Spray once every day after washing your face and before going to bed. It's not a type that you have to apply, so it's easy to use and can be continued without any hassle.
Within a few weeks I began to feel a firmer and more toned skin.

Mrs. O

Anytime, anywhere

I keep it in my purse and spray it on quickly when I touch up my makeup.
I also get eyelash extensions, and I can't give them up because they don't hurt and have such strong strength.

Mrs. S

Does it also clear up dry eyes?

I can really feel the length of my eyelashes, but I used to have dry eyes because I wear contact lenses, but since I started using this product they've been great.
I heard that it is an amino acid extract of silk, the same as skin, so it is great for your skin. It can also be used to care for the eye area!

Mrs. N

In summer, it feels great to apply it quickly to your entire face.

After doing some research, I found that silk is very good for the skin, so even if I don't have any plans on my summer days off, I spray a generous amount all over my face when I wake up in the morning.
The mist feels nice and moisturizing when it dries.

Silk Master

From Aya Karahashi

It provides double care for your eyelashes and eyes, so you can feel the results even more easily.

The protein called "oligopeptide" extracted from silk cocoons contains the same amino acid components as not only eyelashes but also skin, so by using it generously around the eyes , it is an excellent product that can provide triple care, including treating fine wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

It's a soft mist spray type that you can apply with just one quick push even when you don't have a mirror with you, so I always keep a handful in my pouch.

This product has been a repeat purchase at specialized eyelash salons, with over 60,000 units sold to date. This is also an eyelash serum that continues to be loved by professional beauticians, so we highly recommend it.

16 years of professional skin care
Used in a total of 500 stores

The Silkriller skin care series is
Until now, this product has been offered exclusively to professionals such as beauty salons and beauticians.
A single brand with no major changes in ingredients.
We have been spreading awareness of the benefits of silk for 16 years now.
This I Vivid Essence is,
This product has long been popular at specialized eyelash extension salons.

I think this is proof that we have been able to continue because we have a sense of security and trust .

Immediately after use

Smooth feeling
Ivivid Essence EX

Eye vivid Essence EX is made from 100% silk extract and contains no oils, so it leaves your skin feeling smooth and comfortable even after use.
Even when you're sweating in the sun, you can still count on the UV absorption properties of silk itself.

Even for those with skin problems
Safe to use

We use only extracts from 100 % domestic silk, and do not contain any preservatives , synthetic fragrances , synthetic colorants , alcohol , or synthetic surfactants, so it can be used safely by people with skin problems such as dry or sensitive skin.

All ingredients

Silk Extract

Internal capacity


How to use

After thoroughly cleansing and washing your face, close your eyes and spray lightly 1-2 times on your eyelashes and around the eyes.

After spraying, gently massage with your fingertips and leave to dry.

●We recommend spraying before going to bed after removing your makeup.

  • Please use with caution and check for any abnormalities on your skin.
  • If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, loss of color (white spots, etc.) or darkening during use or after exposure to sunlight, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
  • Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swellings, or eczema.
  • Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, in direct sunlight, or out of reach of children.
  • Please note that product design, specifications, appearance, and price may change without notice.
  • Since no preservatives are used, please use the product as soon as possible after opening.
  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Cannot be used by people with silk allergies.
  • This is not an eye drop, so do not apply it to your eyes.








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